Alex Cave is a photographer & storyteller who specializes in documenting the non-profit & NGO sector.

As a child, Alex would scrounge up allowance money and loose change around the house each month for the latest issues of Thrasher and Transworld Skateboarding. Although he was terrible on a skateboard, the beautiful glossy pages filled with photographs made by J. Grant Britain, Atiba Jefferson, and Dave Swift was a huge inspiration early on. At 14, his mother took him to see a Dorthea Lange retrospective at the Getty Center, and shortly after he started shooting using his mother’s 35mm Minolta SLR.

At 18, he began to intern at The Skateboard Mag before moving to Los Angeles to assist. Since then, he's worked in photo labs, camera stores, rental houses, on set as a motion stills photographer, and in the studio as a e-commerce photographer.

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